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      The forums have been updated..If you cannot login, PLEASE Re Register, REAL NAMES Only..First then Last Name ONLY
      Most active members are updated and have proper access, PM me with issues, OLD MEMBERS ARE NOW PURGED. 
      THERE IS A NEW FORUM to post being updated or any question about upgrade.

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      Event Info and Entry   03/08/2017

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  1. Yesterday
  2. KTM Parts for sale

    I'll be there also
  3. New Kenda triple tires SOLD

  4. Checkmate computers SOLD

  5. KTM Parts for sale

    Maybe Mark, let me know if you are going to the Scrub...
  6. KTM Parts for sale

    Ok I give you a call today.
  7. Last week
  8. KTM Parts for sale

    Jeff. I'll take both sharkfins. And clutch guard. You going to tricounty?
  9. KTM Parts for sale

    Jeff, Tried to PM you tells me my in box is full whatever that means. give me a call please 516-983-7576
  10. KTM Parts for sale

    I will not be at the enduro's, sorry.
  11. Checkmate computers SOLD

    I'm on the hook. Message sent!
  12. KTM Parts for sale

    I'll take the hand guards, the front rotor any Motorex you wanna sell at this time.. I'll be at Moonshine
  13. KTM step seat

    I have a factory effex ktm step seat I don't need. $40 No rips I can bring to any race.
  14. Checkmate computers SOLD

    2 Checkmate computers, thumb switches. one sensor mount in package (new) epoxy etc. 1 Billet aluminum thumb mount protector, New. custom handle bar mount, senor wires, may have a few. one battery is new, other battery has about 60% remaining on it... $350 takes it all.
  15. BETA parts for sale

    EBC barely used rear brake pads, should fit Yamaha YZ as well $10 set Nissin New front brake pads, shout fit YZ larger caliper as well $15 New Rear sprocket factory beta $30 New suspension bearings, bushings heim bushings etc contact me New Wrist pin bearings Niss
  16. Yamaha YZ Suspension springs

    4.9 factory titanium shock spring NEW $100 4.0, KYB fork springs $35 set
  17. KTM Parts for sale

    2 stroke XC Enduro Engineering skid plate used $25 2 stroke XC Enduro Engineering shark fin used $25 Enduro engineering radiator guards, (used with braces) new $15 XC brake cables New front $25 New rear $25 Rotors used but straight front $15 Rear $15 XC fuel petcock New $25 45t rear sprocket new factory KTM $30 5.1 XC WP rear shock spring used $30 3.9, 4.0,4.1,4.3 TWIN CHAMBER WP fork springs $40 set New EE hand guards $5 New XC rear chain guide $25 Enduro Engineering Clutch sleeve protector with hardware used $20 New KTM XC 250 reed cage complete $35 Heavily used Boysen and factory clutch cover both worn but great for backups, don't leak with seal. $5 each New Carb parts, 6.5 slide, 7.0 slide, Float bowl, top plate, hell I even have a 36mm carb or a 38mm depending on which I sell the bike with. New OEM DID VT2 oring chain $75. I may have a few gallons of Motorex full syn 2 stroke oil when I sell bike if interested.
  18. We have 10 pristine 20' x 50' trackside pit sites for sale! Up to $200.00 will go the overall winner! Each site is $30.00 available on a first come-first serve basis. Please use the PayPal link below to secure your place near victory lane! https://www.PayPal.me/ridgeridersofnj
  19. RRMC Hare Scramble Flyer

    Hey everyone, all youth who have paid an entry(s) will receive ONE tee shirt but only ONE shirt total per rider regardless of how many races they sign up for. Regular sales: $15 each exact change appreciated...While supplies last, your purchase will include your choice of a 2017 enduro shirt or a 2016 HS shirt. There are limited sizes, mostly youth-first come first served. No discounts after giveaways have been exhausted. No credit or "saving" of shirts offered. Cash or check only.
  20. Moonshine Route Sheet

    Are helmet cams allowed?
  21. 2017 Scrub Pine Enduro Entry

    Craig Lifer!
  22. 2017 Scrub Pine Enduro Entry

    Hey.....check out the special pricing for the OLD GUYS and WOMEN!! I've been looking forward to this, and I wish OCCR a successful event. From what I've heard, there have been some special challenges and resultant efforts required of the club members this year. So, who is "that thin man?"
  23. Moonshine Route Sheet

    Easy dual sport ride at 15 and 18mph. Nice easy warm up with plenty of time to get to the first test section which starts at 13.60. No need to speed or race.
  24. Moonshine Route Sheet

    Jamie: Is from start to 13.6 a race section or just a warm-up. Thanks for answer.
  25. Moonshine Route Sheet

    Here it is: Route Sheet _Moonshine 2017.pdf
  26. 2017 Scrub Pine Enduro Entry

    who is that thin man on the flyer?
  27. 2017 Scrub Pine Enduro Entry

    Ocean County Competition Riders are proud to announce the 2017 Scrub Pine Enduro ! Oct 15, 2017 - 9 AM Key Time - New Lisbon, NJ Brendon T. Byrne State Forest SIGNUP: SATURDAY OCT 14 3PM-7PM AND SUNDAY OCT 15 7AM Sign-up Online with Moto-Tally! OR Download the PDF Entry (below), fill it out on your computer, then print and mail it in with your check. Checks payable to: OCCR Mail Entry To: OCCR, 2 Marc Lane, Wrightstown, NJ 08562 2017-ScrubPineEntryTwoPage.pdf
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