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  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/585412921612148/?fref=nf Jr Enduro Facebook link
  3. The info that Mike S posted above is correct and was discussed at a recent ECEA meeting. The AMA rules are clear but state and local laws may place more restrictions. If there are any questions regarding specific situations, I would suggest contacting the club directly.
  4. What's the latest!!??
  5. Just a reminder that the RRMC Junior Sprint Enduro is being held on Saturday, June 10th. It promises to be a fantastic event, with a first-ever course split for the biggest bike and age classes. All the amazing terrain the Ridge Run has to offer is compressed into our junior Enduro. Also, remember that newbie riders who are affiliated with a jr. Enduro kid that ride the adult Enduro on Sunday will be entered into a season-long drawing for fabulous prizes! Go check the ECEA jr. enduro web page for more details.
  6. Last week
  7. Thank you to all those who have entered. We now have 471 entries with a max of 500. Only a few spots left so make sure you don't miss out. We have a great event planned this year so be sure to get your entry in before we sell out.
  8. 5 to a row? Edit: Called Pete - confirmed 5 to a row.
  9. 8pm eastern.
  10. Looking forward to this, 2 quick questions on camping. How late can we arrive Saturday and still get in, and is the $10 per person, or per vehicle. Thanks
  11. what time( EDT) does registration open ?
  12. Entries for the Rattlesnake National Enduro open Wednesday night (5/24/17). It is first come - first served with row selection so be sure to have your account set up and your buddies ready. It will fill up quickly so don't wait. http://www.nationalenduro.com/events/2017/7/23/2017-round-5-rattlesnake-national-enduro
  13. ahhh crap...same knee?
  14. Update : The Ridge crew was out in force again this weekend working on the best enduro trails in the Northeast!! We have added miles of new single track and trail in 3 of the sections. This year there will be a short section out of the start for warm-up and then a little bit of road and woods roads to the next section. From here there will be 4-6 mile points taking sections with about short road connectors between each. In a nut shell, 7 point taking sections for A/B and 6 point taking sections for C riders. Sections will start with the easiest first and then get more technical as the day goes on. Steve
  15. Looking for 2 stroke sx tank. I think years 12-15 work. Let me know if you have one. Thanks.
  16. bike has been sold
  17. Earlier
  18. The RORR event is on its way to your as always a killer Enduro of traditional proportions.. Also the SPER/RORR Junior Enduro is waiting in the wings. This new Junior SPRINT Enduro Series is top notch for our Kids, This gives the kids another form of racing that is a mix of Enduro Style and Hare Scrambles Kids can Pre enter HERE please read instructions as there are a few options.. These Sprints are NEW and scored electronically.. Live results and Results can be found here
  19. This forum is driven and sorted by the last post .. We would like to keep the most current or NEXT Event into the top of the que for viewing. In other words it is MAY please do not keep correcting or bumping your posts for events in June or July. If it is event changing news then yes.. But I will move more relevant posts back up to the top as the events are scheduled. THANK you the Webby guy Mike S,,,
  20. Offroad eligibility from AMA 6. The minimum age for amateur riders is 12. In all events, a rider must be 14 or older to ride motorcycles above 250cc. 19. The rider must be able to control his/her motorcycle or ATV at all times, and to ride it safely. This includes stopping, starting, standing still, mounting, dismounting, and putting one or both feet on the ground. The referee has the authority to disqualify a rider who can't safely control his/her motorcycle or ATV. Also NO MINI Cycles - that means NO youth small wheel bike,, By rule AMA allows Big Wheels . 19 Frt 16 rear... RM85L, CRF150R with BW. RM/KX 100 etc AGAIN These bikes and/or younger riders are up to the club referee discretion for SAFETY... I am sure our ECEA Youth coordinator or ECEA Refs will correct me if wrong but this is from 2017 AMA rules and discussed at ECEA level. This is also a club, landowner and local law decision and may not be part of every ECEA Enduro,
  21. Attached is flyer for the Ormond Farms Family Fun Day Event, June 24th and 25th.2017_Family_Fun_Ride_Registration.pdf
  22. Marty I have a stock Huskie 2014 rear spring marked 54 260 Z/W, may not be the one. Not sure of WP stuff anymore.
  23. This bike is ready to ride trails, race enduros, race hare scrambles, or ride dual sports. It is ready to go and set up with all the needed add-ons at a fraction of the cost of a new one. It is registered and plated as a motorcycle in the state of PA. It is a proven winner and I will include a box of trophies with it if you want them. Included with the bike is: ICO Pro Comp enduro computer with protective case with an updated thumb switch and guard and manual, WER steering dampner, 3.2 gal big tank, Moose bark busters and hand guards, roll chart holder, radiator guards, pipe guard, heavy duty tubes front and rear, and skid plate. Additionally, the front forks were just serviced. It has working head light and tail light and a working rear brake light. The sprockets and chain have very little use on them and while the tires are not new, they still have some life left in them. Stock tank and misc parts are also included. This bike is being sold "as is" and for cash only. Price for bike and all accessories is $2,350 if you do not want the computer and dampner the price is $2,100. I can be reached at 717-574-4344 or pbitting@ptd.net
  24. Looking for a 4.8kg WP shock spring KTM / Husky linkage spring Thanks, Marty txt, 732-820-0629 mvmx6@yahoo.com
  25. Here is the entry for our 48th running of the Ridge Run Enduro On line sign up is now open! RidgeRunEnt17B.pdf
  26. Here is the updated Flyer for the Green Marble Event,,,,anvil 3.pdf
  27. I bought this beauty from a road racer who rarely road this bike and I had it on the ice twice and actually road it on our NETRA HS course for piss and giggles. The bike feels brand new and has the sweetest motor I have ever felt. Too much for me now at 64. $3875. Pa. paperwork. cell 201-248-7433 This is a sweet motor with no hit just torque, Wish I was 30 years younger.
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