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  2. 11,000 miles - Excellent Condition - Super Senior Owned - Meticulously Maintained - Tons of Extras - $4,000 Firm - Selling for a friend - Please Call Rich directly - 908-420-5800
  3. Last week
  4. Titled and plated in NJ, aprox 50 hours Factory Connection F&R with free revalve new tires, new chain sprockets, HD tubes Selling for a friend: Stan 732-930-0430 spmx43@yahoo.com
  5. What hours are signup open saturday please.
  6. MANY asking why no Hare scramble, This is old news we posted a Sprint Enduro ..Back on March 6th and we leaked it at the Banquet.. ANYWAY it is a NEW Format taking the offroad series by storm... the ECEA Junior Enduro FastKIDZ are on their second year and it is a hit. HMDR Shotgun Junior Sprint pays Junior Enduro Points. Sunday is the ADULTS, no series points but big AA, A payouts and some cool awards.. SIGN UP ONLINE .. ADULTs HERE and get first CALL to the Loops .. and save $10 Download and Bring HMDR_SPRINTEntry.pdf Junior Enduro FASTKidz can enter online here Download and Bring HMDR_JrSPRINTEntry.pdf Helmets must be brought to signup...
  7. line up single file running engine , 10, 15 or 30 sec starts,, will depend on rider turn out and the loop.. your timing starts when you cross the antenna..
  8. Is this a dead engine start? or 15 second start up?
  9. Posting for a friend. For sale full Ohlins suspension bought originally for 16 KTM350XCF and recently revalved by Fast Bike Industries for 17 TX300. Since revalve has less than 5 hours ride time. And total time on suspension is less than 15 hours. The left/brake side fork tube has a scratch from a crash that happened in front of me. FBI checked it and all is good no damage to outer upper tube. Everything is fresh, forks and shock revalved for 210lbs intermediate rider for hare scramble and enduro's. Should work on 16/17 Linkage KTM's and Husky's 250 size up but I would check with Ohlins or FBI first if concerned. Reason for sale switching bike brands in near future. Fork kit FGKT15960 4.6N/mm springs. Shock KT16930 Rear spring is 4.9N/mm (shock comes with extra spring but I don't remember spring rate possibly 4.2 or 4.4) Text or call 410-991-3909 or email ammons64@verizon.net for pictures of forks and shock. Asking $2500. Thanks Mark
  10. 2016 ktm 350 xcf 45 hours Factory Connection revalved rear shock five hours since last service. Stock forks tm designs skid plate obie link guard ktm map switch new chain sprocktets , wheels and tires and Dunlop bibs, and forks have 8 hours on them. Delaware street title $7000 or b/o would consider trade for 17 or 18 ktm 250 or 300 two stroke 302 530 3802
  11. or best offer
  12. The start location will be at the Andersen Farm at the corner of Andersen Hill and Davis Roads Berkshire, NY. This has been the location of IDR's WNYOA HS in the past and had Speedsville Enduro sections. Exact address will be in flyer coming soon.
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  14. This is an update from HMDR Trail Boss Mikey Soudas The HMDR Sprint crew is working this weekend on final trail details.. Loop1 - Shot Gear Red Hot section will be the fast and furious trail of the weekend for the kids and adults. 2.8 miles approx. 5-6 min expert speed if dry. Loop2 Cycle Playground's Rocking the Blues is approx 3 miles of typical enduro trail, off camber, rocks and roots.. 3+ miles 5-6 Min expert speed Loop3 is the MTA's Orange Crush section you can crush it or it may crush you, this section will be for the main event ...Will be a mans loop....
  15. You need AMA, you start single file , rider every 15 seconds, pick your loop that you are assigned. different classes will have different loops possible. You can run loops in any order.
  16. Sold!
  17. The 2017 Three Springs Enduro is ON!! We have been in the woods cutting new trail and have a great course laid out for you guys. Online sign up is open. An Enduro Flyer with event information is posted for download on our website. Entry form is attached to this post. The format is start control this year, so you don't need timekeeping equipment. But you will need tags, since we use public roads to connect 7 woods sections together. We will have a gas available for pit crews and a gas truck will carry gas to the gas stop at Rocket Raceway. We will have a course split for C Riders, BSSR, Masters, Gold, Legends, and Women to ride around the A/B section. Signup , start, and scoring will be at the Three Springs PA fire hall. Signup will be open Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Spaghetti dinner will be served at the fire hall Saturday night and breakfast Sunday by the Lions club trailer. Spectator sheets will be available at signup, and the pool is open all weekend and free for our competitors and kids to cool off all weekend. The sections are 4-9 miles long and the soil ranges from loam to hard pack with lots of off camber, big hills, and a rocky creek bed in my section that is really fun when the water is running. We will have the usual water crossing on Fording road and the water has been high this year so get waterproof. We are not parking in the field behind the fire hall this year. They planted beans, so follow the signs to Scott Shehans farm .4 from the start to park. We will have some room for big rigs at the pool parking lot. Come early and please get tight and cozy with your neighbors. Gas and restaurants are both 1 block from the fire hall and the pool which is next door to the fire hall. Please be courteous to the townspeople and club members. We throw this event for you, and we donate all the proceeds to the local community. Online Pre-Entry system by MotoTally Mail in entry and Online entry Drawing date is July 28th. Confirmation and rider list will be posted August 1st. The entry form has directions to signup and we will have arrows from the Fort Littleton exit off the 76 turnpike. As always, see our club website at www.gmer.us for all the latest information. Email cmarlerd7@gmail.com with questions. Green-Marble-Enduro-entry-2017.pdf
  18. It is with deep regret that the Delaware Enduro Riders must cancel our hare scrambles this summer. We have spent countless hours working with elected officials to try and bring our riders a quality event this summer. Unfortunately that is not possible. Anyone that has experienced trying to secure land for an event will be able to sympathize with what we are going through. I don’t think that our club needs to explain everything that has happened but rest assured these cancellations have been out of our control. We as a club want nothing more then to be able to provide a place for our fellow riders to compete.
  19. There will be camping at the start.
  20. Where will the camping be ?
  21. Brand new fmf ti rct for sale Fits all new versions of the 14 and up Yamaha 250f and fx. Not sure on wr. Includes sparky New Titanium Mint $225
  22. SOLD!!!! Mama cried for a while after watching it drive away. Go figure considering she really didn't enjoy going to the enduros but had a lot of good memories I guess. Kids grew up in it. Turned AA in it. And had a lot of man's world trips.
  23. Have a few questions. Is this starting like a enduro, meaning 4 people on a row each minute? Or is a single rider a minute? Or something else? And are we able to do 1 loop 3 times in a row back to back, or do you have to move to a different section after every lap? And do you still need a harescramble number to enter this or just AMA?
  24. I'll check on minimum age with Charlie Davis Mike.
  25. Used 3-4 rides Rear shock spring (5.7)off of 2016 ktm $45.00 Brand new never ridden stock rear shock spring(4.2) off 2017 Ktm $25.00 Brand new chain guide never ridden $15.00 used fill side radiator, it was sent to mylers in Utah to be straighten and braced $100.00 brand new stock reed cage and reeds never used $20.00 rear sprockets all 50 tooth, used sprockets have only a few rides on them 1 brand new steel $10.00 1 used renthal orange $25.00 1 used stock ktm $20.00 2 used dirt tricks iron man $50.00 each
  26. Thats awesome! I am working with Vicky on the Entry. What is minium age to ride event? u know RORR had minimum age like 13 (or around that) lets get some kids out there!
  27. Youth Sprint Enduro on Saturday. Sunday Adult Enduro will be Closed Course/Start Control Format.... No lights, plates, no timekeeping needed. Note: There will be a new start location..... WE are no longer starting at the Speedsville Ball Diamond! Come out and bring a Hare Scrambles rider! Details to follow!
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