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    • Mike Soudas

      Attention- REAL NAME to Re REGISTER   12/12/2016

      The forums have been updated..If you cannot login, PLEASE Re Register, REAL NAMES Only..First then Last Name ONLY
      Most active members are updated and have proper access, PM me with issues, OLD MEMBERS ARE NOW PURGED. 
      THERE IS A NEW FORUM to post being updated or any question about upgrade.

      Classified are not being used, We may add them back in..

      Areas of forum access will be based upon your membership within the ECEA. ECEA Club members on the current roster will have access to all ECEA business.
      Regular Members will not be part of ECEA Club Area.   

General - (Public can view- (Guest posting is restricted ))


  1. Event Promotion

    This forum is for ECEA PROMOTING CLUBS to post entry forms and give information about their upcoming event. Non-ECEA events may be posted as long as they do not conflict with an ECEA event date.

    Riders may also ask questions that can be answered by the promoter.
    Under no circumstances are reviews, complaints, or any discussions after the event to be placed in this forum.

  2. ECEA Dealer Area

    This is where Dealers can list information about their services available to the ECEA community.


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