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  1. old topics are archived, not deleted ---- so they show in the count
  2. How does a normal being send you a message

  3. I hope they are selling cookies!!
  5. Here are the official results, after protests. 2016 GREENBRIAR FINAL.pdf Here is the list of protests that were fixed. OVERALL.pdf B-OVERALL.pdf C OVERALL.pdf Enduro Team Results.txt
  6. Hey John, I have a roll Chart complete using the program. My issue is I can never get it to save to my computer in the correct format? Any advise? Thanks Jeff

  7. come out and have a good time with CDR, and the ECEA goon squad for a weekend of riding, camping, and good times with family and friends.2015_Ormond_Family_Day_Flyer.pdf
  8. that's kinda a step backwards . if you are looking for a 110, look at a KLX 110 - much more solid than the honda 110. The honda 110 is not the same 110 as the ATC110 or the same platform as the other CRFs. It has a rubber timing belt, and is generally not a motor that takes abuse or any add ons.
  9. Hi John Ridge run endure on line sign up help

    event # ?


    looking to turn on sign-up

    Thanks, Norm

  10. Ok, the wait is over. Apologies for the delay, there were some problems that came up with some cards that required some extra research. Also, there were a number of A SSR 50 and 55 riders that rode the A section, and we had to manually delete those checks. Glad you guys got your money's worth on that one! So, without further adieu........ Final Class by Class TSC FINAL 2015.pdf THERE IS AN OFFICIAL REVISION TO THE ASSR55 CLASS - ASSR15 REVISIONS.pdf Top 15% B Riders top 15 PERCENT B RIDERS.pdf Top 20 Overall TOP 20 OVERALL.pdf Teams Enduro Team Results.txt Thanks everyone for coming out for the 50th anniversary of the Greenbriar Enduro. A true old-school, traditional timekeeping enduro, the way it will ALWAYS be! TCSpreliminary.pdf
  11. Class by Class PBER_CLASS_FINALS_2015.pdf Top Overall PBER top 25 Overall.pdf Top 20% B Riders (7 listed of 33) PBER top 20 percent B riders.pdf Teams (There may be an error breaking the tie for first place, waiting for software update) PBER 2015 teams.pdf
  12. There is no such thing as an OI class anymore. It is based on cooling, not lubrication. If it is liquid cooled, front 2 lines, air cooled back 2 lines.
  13. It's getting close to your big day! January 17th is less then 3 weeks away. So kidz (and parents) here is some information/expectations to make your day special. First place class winners will be given the microphone to thank those who made their year special. Be sure to have something ready to thank your parents, sponsors, and special people. Be sure to dress for the event - top 3 podium MUST wear shirt and tie, everyone else should also, but "really nice church clothes" will work. Your picture will last forever and you can't go back. . If there are any special presentations that need to be made, like something from a sponsor, or a special recognition, please let me know so I can plan for it. If there is something that your kid did that was special and noteworhty, also please bring it to my attention. . Lastly, if I continually mispronounce your name, please let me know the proper way to say it so I can get it right. . And remember, there is no pool at the hotel, but we have a place to hang out afterwards and stuff to do. The awards should be done about 3:00. The vendor area will be open, and there are also some seminars and demonstrations. Be sure to check out Samantha Bird's fitness challenge - she is gonna kick your butt! Can you keep up with her workout? It's going to be fun to see who the last kid standing will be. At 5:45 we will make our way to the VIP afterparty for some pizza (ok, lots of pizza) and soda, and more junk food! We also will be entertained by a comedian/magician that will keep parents and kids entertained for about an hour. Afterward, while the adults are at their award ceremony, we will have movies, games, supercross, and X-box all night in the party room. Yes, this is going to be a good time, and I look forward to hanging out. Moms and Dads - you can help too, we are looking for a couple of volunteers to help chaperon, and also to bring cookies and brownies, and pretzels, and chips, and wings, and anything else that kids like. . ECEA FASTKIDZ ROCK!
  14. can't he also run small wheels in the 85 class too?
  15. John, how do we reply to the incorrect scores on our cards for Pine Hill? Check 7 was correct on my card, but is scored hot? This is not correct. I can't rply to the thread, as in the past, the threat can not be replied too. I thought the web guy was going to correct that issue.


    Ed Fisher line 29 B-250