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  1. Posting the Official Beehive Enduro Results for the Competition Dirt Riders. Ecea-Beehive-Enduro-Results-17.pdf Top-20 OA-Beehive-Enduro-Results-17.pdf Enduro Team Results CDR 17.pdf Barry Seppy Ecea Enduro Points Keeper
  2. Delaware Registration Help

    you need to contact DER directly. All I do is pass the entries to them and give them the money.
  3. The final results for the 2017 Pine Barons Clock Run Enduro are now posted. Thanks to all the riders who showed the anti-motorcycle crowd that we are NOT going away! PBER2017 OVERALL.pdf PBER2017 FINAL.pdf PBER2017 OVERALL B RIDERS.pdf PBER2017 TEAMS.pdf
  4. John,

    Hey I'm trying to sign up for sandy lane.  we don't know jay dean's key.  his ama is 166168 can you reset his key to blank so I can preenter him?  Call me if you have any questions


    Mark Schleeweis


  5. Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the weather for an awesome start of the season. Attached are the finalized results. Class by Class : Class Results.pdf Overall : Overall.pdf Overall B Riders : TOP B RIDERS.pdf Teams : teams.pdf
  6. Hi John, I pre entered myself and three others before the 28th and do not see our names on the list.  Please see attached snapshot of our confirmation

    GB 2017.JPG

  7. How does a normal being send you a message


    I hope they are selling cookies!!
  9. PBER Clock Run

  10. Here are the official results, after protests. 2016 GREENBRIAR FINAL.pdf Here is the list of protests that were fixed. OVERALL.pdf B-OVERALL.pdf C OVERALL.pdf Enduro Team Results.txt
  11. Hey John, I have a roll Chart complete using the program. My issue is I can never get it to save to my computer in the correct format? Any advise? Thanks Jeff

  12. July 4th ECEA Fun Day @ Ormond Farms

    come out and have a good time with CDR, and the ECEA goon squad for a weekend of riding, camping, and good times with family and friends.2015_Ormond_Family_Day_Flyer.pdf
  13. Crf110

    that's kinda a step backwards . if you are looking for a 110, look at a KLX 110 - much more solid than the honda 110. The honda 110 is not the same 110 as the ATC110 or the same platform as the other CRFs. It has a rubber timing belt, and is generally not a motor that takes abuse or any add ons.
  14. Hi John Ridge run endure on line sign up help

    event # ?


    looking to turn on sign-up

    Thanks, Norm

  15. TCSMC 50th Aniv Greenbriar Enduro

    Ok, the wait is over. Apologies for the delay, there were some problems that came up with some cards that required some extra research. Also, there were a number of A SSR 50 and 55 riders that rode the A section, and we had to manually delete those checks. Glad you guys got your money's worth on that one! So, without further adieu........ Final Class by Class TSC FINAL 2015.pdf THERE IS AN OFFICIAL REVISION TO THE ASSR55 CLASS - ASSR15 REVISIONS.pdf Top 15% B Riders top 15 PERCENT B RIDERS.pdf Top 20 Overall TOP 20 OVERALL.pdf Teams Enduro Team Results.txt Thanks everyone for coming out for the 50th anniversary of the Greenbriar Enduro. A true old-school, traditional timekeeping enduro, the way it will ALWAYS be! TCSpreliminary.pdf

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