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  1. The RORR event is on its way to your as always a killer Enduro of traditional proportions.. Also the SPER/RORR Junior Enduro is waiting in the wings. This new Junior SPRINT Enduro Series is top notch for our Kids, This gives the kids another form of racing that is a mix of Enduro Style and Hare Scrambles Kids can Pre enter HERE please read instructions as there are a few options.. These Sprints are NEW and scored electronically.. Live results and Results can be found here
  2. This forum is driven and sorted by the last post .. We would like to keep the most current or NEXT Event into the top of the que for viewing. In other words it is MAY please do not keep correcting or bumping your posts for events in June or July. If it is event changing news then yes.. But I will move more relevant posts back up to the top as the events are scheduled. THANK you the Webby guy Mike S,,,
  3. Offroad eligibility from AMA 6. The minimum age for amateur riders is 12. In all events, a rider must be 14 or older to ride motorcycles above 250cc. 19. The rider must be able to control his/her motorcycle or ATV at all times, and to ride it safely. This includes stopping, starting, standing still, mounting, dismounting, and putting one or both feet on the ground. The referee has the authority to disqualify a rider who can't safely control his/her motorcycle or ATV. Also NO MINI Cycles - that means NO youth small wheel bike,, By rule AMA allows Big Wheels . 19 Frt 16 rear... RM85L, CRF150R with BW. RM/KX 100 etc AGAIN These bikes and/or younger riders are up to the club referee discretion for SAFETY... I am sure our ECEA Youth coordinator or ECEA Refs will correct me if wrong but this is from 2017 AMA rules and discussed at ECEA level. This is also a club, landowner and local law decision and may not be part of every ECEA Enduro,
  4. Here is the updated Flyer for the Green Marble Event,,,,anvil 3.pdf
  5. Hey Gang we alot of youth racing , I think it is the largest circuit in country... Just want to get some info out there for riders wanting to Join us.. Questions Reach out to Andrew our youth guy.. email Email Andrew today Want Register on line for a HARE SCRAMBLE CHECK HERE Events open the week before Register for the JUNIOR SPRINT SERIES CHECK HERE AS event nears updates will open sign up.. Check us out on Facebook also FastKIDZ HS and JUNIOR SPRINT SERIES Support or Sponsors
  6. Flyers and Info Big file but lots of info 2017 RORR & SPER Jr & Adult Enduros & Raffle Ticket.pdf
  7. SPER OxBo Hare Scramble May 20-21 2017. SPER members have  been working hard this spring to provide you with an awesome course! 3 foot trophies for winners of ALL Fast Kidz classes.  "Slow race" open to all ages Saturday night at 6 PM.  Awesome handmade awards for the Sunday adult classes.  Food available Saturday and Sunday by the local fire company.  The following Saturday, May 27 we will be hosting the Junior Enduro to tie in with the RORR Enduro on Sunday, May 28. 

  8. Tough Like RORR Pre entry OPEN HERE
  9. HERE is a link to results
  10. call or message Lisa, we may have some cheap or free stuff. I cant look till weekend..
  11. A couple more tidbits for the parents and riders: Remember the use of Gas Pits at events, if there are Pits they must be used, no servicing the rider on the track. If a youth rider wishes to ride on Sunday with the big bikes, he or she must be on a big wheel or full sized bike. This is our rules and AMA rules. You must also finish the event on the bike you left the starting line with, if you breakdown DO NOT hop on another bike "for Seat time" you can be penalized for the season.. Also you FastKIDZ wanting to ride big guy enduros... Make sure you are of AGE and LEGAL... Flyers will have the age and requirements posted. Each event may vary by state and local laws.. be advised Enduro are normally ON ROAD events and if you cant drive a car to the event yourself then you probably should not be entering the enduro. Use your head..... We are just trying to Start 2017 by the book and fair to all riders..
  12. Here is the page to show the latest Club rosters and link to HS associates CLICK HERE If you are not listed then you will not receive points for the 2017 Banquet Awards..
  13. New model just tested in cali...sweet machine http://www.dirtrider.com/2017-tm-mx-300fi-four-stroke-review-first-test#page-11
  14. Please go to our home page and click on line signup on the menu Enduros Here Adult Hare Scrambles Here Youth Hare Scrambles Here
  15. The Complete Schedule is HERE Maps of the Events, Hare Scrambles Enduros