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  1. More info Please arrive Early Sunday for sign up, 7am for Morning Events.. ALL RIDERS bring Helmets to Sign up. Adult PreEntry HERE FastKIDZ PreEntry HERE Riders must still bring helmets to express sign up to check in Gas Pit Rules in effect, must gas in pit area. Spectator Areas must stay to allowed areas. NJ Race rules in effect.
  2. Download Fyler TCS Hare Scramble 2017-f flyer.pdf
  3. Here is the page to show the latest Club rosters and link to HS associates CLICK HERE If you are not listed then you will not receive points for the 2017 Banquet Awards..
  4. New model just tested in cali...sweet machine http://www.dirtrider.com/2017-tm-mx-300fi-four-stroke-review-first-test#page-11
  5. Please go to our home page and click on line signup on the menu Enduros Here Adult Hare Scrambles Here Youth Hare Scrambles Here
  6. We removed all old events, they have no purpose as for new events, This is up to the clubs to post a flyer and event info.. I will add, repost or link whatever clubs send me..
  7. The Complete Schedule is HERE Maps of the Events, Hare Scrambles Enduros
  8. ALL IN STOCK GEAR $20 Jersey, $50 Pants .. Buy more than one set -- deals and more 570 602-9775 Cell 570 954 1565.. Message on FB
  9. This is being listed for one of our riders, we just gave it a shake down and it is a SWEET ride.... Suspension Fresh, set up for a 125-150lb rider. Motor has new topend, new chains,sproclets, brakes.. hell it is like NEW. See it at the Banquet, take it home... $5000 or OBO Contact Mike at Cycle Playground 570 602 9775 or 570 954 156five
  10. ECEABanquet_Standings-Summary_2016Posting.pdf ECEAYouthBanquet_Standings-Summary_2016.pdf Banquet Info on home page
  11. Interactive-MotoTally are HERE PDF Versions below Final cjcr16final.pdf Teams ECEAEnduro_Team-Results-Report_4 - 11-20-2016 - CJCR.pdf
  12. Classes final_moonshine.pdf this is in Mototally online click here Teams ECEAEnduro_Team-Results-Report_3 - 9-25-2016 - VFTR HMDR.pdf Moonshineoverall.pdf
  13. Results online in MotoTally Format, please go HERE CLASSES 2016SPER_Michaux.pdf Overall Long Course 2016SPER_Michaux_Overall_Long_Course.pdf Teams ECEAEnduro_Team-Results-Report_2 - 9-11-2016 - SPER.pdf Results are now Official Thank You, Barry Seppy Ecea Enduro Points Keeper
  14. Posting the Green Marble Enduro Riders "Three Springs Enduro" results for 2016. Results are Offical. Three Springs Enduro Results 2016 Official.pdf Three Springs Enduro Top 20 Overall.pdf Three Springs Teams 2016.pdf Thank You, Barry Seppy Ecea Enduro Points Keeper
  15. I will get a complet format up on line soon, still recovering... from an illness... sorry. Thanks Brian and Tom